“Mike stuck his neck out for us and got a great result!”

“Our previous Canadian distributor had, without our involvement, signed a VCU with a maximum non-excessive price (MNEP) that was significantly below our introductory price.  Through Mike’s efforts, the PMPRB agreed not to hold us to the VCU price.  Mike also secured new MNEPs that were on average 36% higher , thereby reducing our repayable excess revenues by 83% and saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We also did not have to lower our national list price.”

George Stefanokos, former Director of International Business & Commercialization, Lavipharm Pharmaceutical


“A complete victory.”

“In my previous position, I dealt with Mike on the Canadian launch of Tridural (tramadol OAD).  The PMPRB’s initial response to our pricing would have resulted in multiple seven-figure excess revenue fines.  Mike dedicated himself to the problem , never wavering in his conviction that we would ultimately prevail.

In the end, based on a very clever application of the PMPRB Guidelines, Mike was able to secure a complete victory for Labopharm:  acceptance of the prevailing prices and a retraction of all claims for excess revenues.”

Isabelle Trempe, former Director of Business Development, Labopharm Pharmaceuticals


“Ten times higher than estimates.”

“When considering in-licensing Abstral (fentanyl ODT) for Canada, our initial conclusion was that PMPRB regulations would not allow a profitable selling price.

Through an innovative approach, Mike was able to realize an average line price for Abstral that was more than 10 times higher than initial estimates.  Mike was very creative, proactive and persuasive in getting all concerned parties , including our international partner, to agree on this innovative strategy and in leading us to this excellent result.”

Samira Sakia, CFO, Paladin Labs Inc.


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